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Approach Adjustable Sink Lift


The busiest room in the house can be the most difficult room to maneuver if you are in a wheelchair, or have other mobility issues. The Approach Adjustable Sink lift makes one work space accessible to everyone, by bringing the sink down to a usable level for someone in a seated position.

With space underneath to pull up to in a wheelchair, or allow for chair to pulled up, daily tasks like washing dishes, becomes easier.

Dream Kitchen Ideas for Aging in Place

Adjustable height counter lifts are a great addition to your home to improve independence and inclusion, creating a handicapped accessible kitchen. The adjustable sink lift is easy to install, and has a safety shut-off system to prevent the lift from crushing legs if it comes into contact with any obstruction.

kitchen sink lowered for wheelchair access

Height Adjustable lift for kitchen sink

Your ADA kitchen design will still look like a dream kitchen with minor adjustments that will significantly enhance your life.

Adjustable Sink Lift Features:

  • Height adjustment between 28”- 36”
  • Accommodates counter widths ranging from 36”- 48”
  • For increased workspace, the sink can be offset in a 48” counter section
  • Safety shut-off stops travel automatically if it senses any barrier
  • Plug into GFCI protected 110V outlet
  • Approach Drain kit required, and flexible drain hose.
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Approach Adjustable Cooktop Lift


Being able to lower the cooktop to a usable level for someone in a seated position, can be a life changing addition to your dream kitchen. Maximizing independence and inclusion at the heart of the home improves your quality of life. Meal preparation has never been easier for all family members.

, the adjustable countertop cooktop lift is easy to install.

Accessible Kitchen Ideas for your Dream Kitchen

Adjustable height counter lifts are easy to install and have a safety shut off system to prevent crushing injuries when the lift is being lowered. Adding the Cooktop lift to your dream kitchen is a great idea for aging in place and a design that will work for years to come.

Kitchen counter with adjustable height cook top

Adjustable counter stove top lift

Cooktop Lift Features:

  • Height adjustment between 28”-36”
  • Accommodates counters that are 36”-48” wide
  • Fits cooktops with an install cutout up to 31” wide
  • Plug into GFCI protected 110V outlet
  • Safety shutoff plate



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