Accessible Kitchen Cabinets

Approach Wall Cabinet Lift – APUCABINET

Make your upper kitchen cabinets accessible to people of all heights and abilities.

The kitchen can be a difficult room to maneuver if you are in a wheelchair. The Approach Kitchen Cabinet Lift makes the upper cabinets accessible to everyone. With the push

of a button, the cabinets travel down to counter level, to make daily life easier. The kitchen cabinet lift systems are easy to install on new or existing kitchen cabinets.

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Upper kitchen cabinet lowered close to counter height

Adjustable Kitchen Cabinet Lift

A Must in Your Dream Kitchen Design

The Approach™ wall cabinet lift has 20” of vertical movement and works with cabinets that are 30” to 48” wide. To ensure safety, an automatic shut-off prevents the motorized cabinet lifts from crushing items if it comes into contact with any obstruction.

Adding a lift system to some or all of your upper kitchen cabinets maximize independence for all family members. Create the kitchen that works for everyone.

Cabinet Lift Features:

  • 20” of vertical movement
  • 300lb weight capacity
  • Plug into GFCI protected 110V outlet
  • Safety shutoff plate
  • Works with cabinets that are 30”-48” wide

Download Approach Cabinet Lift Installation Instructions

Download Approach Products Data Sheet

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