Why install height adjustable cabinet lifts?

Approach Cabinet lift:

  • Can be installed with existing or new cabinets
  • Have 20” of vertical height adjustment
  • Adjust height with the push of a button
  • Have a safety shutoff
  • Has a weight capacity of 300lbs
  • Makes bottom 2 shelves reachable from seated position
  • Increases usable storage space

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drop down cabinet

Imagine trying to prepare a meal, even something simple like a bowl of cereal, from a seated position.

If you were in a wheelchair would you be able to reach a cereal bowl, or the cereal.

Most everyday dishes are kept in the upper cabinets, which are out of reach to someone in a wheelchair, or hard to reach for someone with any mobility limitations.

Anyone Should be Able to Prepare a Meal

With an Approach Adjustable cooktop Lift:

  • You can adjust the cooktop height between 28″ high
  • Adjust height with the push of a button
  • Make the full stovetop accessible, even from a seated position
  • Install with your own gas or electric cooktop (choose front mount controls for safety)
  • Includes a safety shut-offdevice to stop the counter lift if it senses any barrier to its downward travel

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Cooktop counter lift

Anyone should be able to prepare a hot meal for themselves, but most stovetops are not safe or accessible for someone in a wheelchair.

A standard kitchen sink can be difficult to use for someone in a wheelchair

The Approach Adjustable Sink Lift:

  • Can adjust the height of the sink from 28”-36” high
  • Accommodates counter widths ranging from 36”-48” wide
  • Includes a safety shut off device to stop motion if there is a barrier, to avoid crushing legs
  • Can be adjusted with the push of a button

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sink lift

To complete the usable workspace in the kitchen, you can also add a Height Adjustable Sink Lift. A standard kitchen sink can be difficult to use for someone in a wheelchair, if the faucet is mounted at the back, and if the sinks a very deep.

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